Inauguration Fun Facts

Quote: “This is going to be an unprecedented inauguration!” We seem to hear this every four years. Reason change, but the fact remain— as experienced or new tour directors we only have our best, educated guess as to how the day is going to progress. It's stressful.  So, in the spirit of taking a deep breath and remembering that this is also one of most interesting occasions to be [...]


Finding Hidden Gems

As tour directors, our itineraries often bring us to the same places that everyone visits. What makes the experience that we offer unique? Our customers, too, are becoming savvier — they are expecting that we bring something unique, unexpected and local to a tour. This becomes our greatest differentiator as guides: the ability to offer a special, local gem of an experience that sets us apart. But [...]


Create “Wow Moments” on Tour

Our on-tour lives are divided between two very different kinds of experience. Usually our on-tour experience feels like treading water. We're just trying our hardest to stay afloat in a sea of logistical demands and difficulties. We're hoping to stay afloat while the trip takes us away. We finish the day exhausted, feeling like it's a miracle we made it. The other kind of experience is what I'm interested [...]


Tech Tips for Organizing Your Material

As tour directors and guides we are sent around the world to dozens of new locations each year. And in each destination there are hundreds of stories, restaurants, shops, and special sights to keep track of. It's hard enough keeping our itineraries and lives organized, but how do we organize our stories and special gems, so we remember them at the right moment, with the details that [...]